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Guide to running a successful workshop

24 February 2011

  1. Return your booking form as soon as possible and please include alternative dates if you can.
  2. Once a booking is confirmed, you will not be able to cancel it without having to pay the full amount. This is because we will have contracted the musicians to work on that day. It may be possible to rearrange the day if musicians are available, but we cannot guarantee this.
  3. Please tell us what you want. You know your students and their concentration levels so please tell us how long you want the percussion sessions to be on your booking form. Please don’t change your mind when the musicians arrive; they will have planned the workshop according to your instructions.
  4. Please leave time for breaks for the musicians.  They will need at least a 10 minute break in each morning/afternoon session and a 30 minute break for lunch.
  5. Please ensure adequate room is made available, either in the school hall or the drama/music studio for the Samba and Fluteability workshops. A classroom would be preferred for the West African, Northern Indian and didgeridoo workshops. The workshops can be very loud so please consider the noise level and how it might disrupt other activities in school.
  6. The musicians cannot be left in sole charge of the students. A member of your school teaching staff must remain with the group. If a staff member does not remain with the group, the musician will not continue the workshop.  Musicians cannot escort students to/from their classrooms to the workshops. Please consider how much assistance the group will need with the instruments and plan staffing accordingly.
  7. Please ensure we have the phone number, full address and postcode of your school. The musicians may want to contact your school before the workshop. Contact details are also useful if there is a problem on the day of the workshop.
  8. Please make sure there is someone to greet the musicians and help them unload the instruments. At the end of the day, please ensure someone is there to help reload the instruments. If you have a trolley this would be very useful. Please make someone responsible for introducing the musician to the students.
  9. Prepare the children before hand. This is a great opportunity for some cross curriculum work in the classroom prior to the visit.
  10. Please complete and return the evaluation form as possible after the workshop. These forms are very important to us.  In order to improve our service, we need to know what you liked or disliked about the workshop.
  11. Finally, enjoy the workshop.