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Singing workshops

8 August 2011

Essex Music Services offers a range of singing workshops run by our Vocal and Choral Development Manager, Janette Ruocco.

Class singing workshops

These sessions are designed as one-off activities. They can be used to kick-start or revive singing in a school or with a class, to develop singing in parts, to explore world music repertoire or to develop colleagues’ awareness and experience of how singing can be led without the use of CDs or the piano.

  • Key Stage 1- whole class size workshops are available for whole classes or smaller groups (at the school’s discretion). The suggested workshop length is 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Key Stage 2 - whole class workshops targeted specifically at singers in KS2 are available for whole classes (larger groups by negotiation). The suggested workshop length is 45 to 60 minutes.
  • Key Stage 3 - whole class workshops targeted specifically at Year 7 intake in the autumn term are available for whole classes. Workshops can be tailored to fit in with school timetable lesson allocation.  
  • Key Stage 4 - GCSE class workshops targeted specifically at developing the students’ ability to compose for the voice are available. Workshops can be tailored to fit in with school timetable lesson allocation. 


Creative use of voices

Small group sessions are an opportunity for half classes to explore the creative use of their voices through a series of structured composition activities. These sessions will include opportunities for singers to consider how pieces are constructed through analysis of new repertoire and consideration of well known pieces. In addition to improvisation and aural teaching and learning, students will be encouraged to develop their experience of singing and speaking from pitch and rhythm notation.


These workshops comprise a series of sessions; the exact number and frequency of sessions will be agreed with the workshop leader and the school representative. 

School-based CPD

These are sessions on how to lead singing.  They can take place during the day or after school.  Teachers are encouraged to contact Janette Ruocco on 01206 798 788 to discuss specific requirements such as devising a school or class specific workshop or CPD session.


A half day workshop is £85 and a single one hour workshop is £45.

The maximum number of students per workshop is 60.