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Northern India – percussion workshop

8 August 2011

Indian percussion workshops will introduce your students to the increasingly popular Bhangra music. Bhangra is a fusion of music, singing and most significantly, the beat of the dhol drum, a single stringed instrument called the tumbi and an instrument reminiscent of an enlarged pair of tongs called chimta. The dhol's smaller cousin, the dholak, is sometimes used instead of, or in addition to the dhol.  Additional percussion, including tabla, is frequently used in bhangra.
Groups will be restricted to a maximum of 15 students and sessions last for at least:
  • 30 minutes for KS1;
  • 45-60 minutes for KS2; and
  • 60 minutes for KS3/4.
You can request longer sessions but we do not offer shorter sessions.
Chairs will be needed for the students and you will need to provide a CD player.  
Please note that if you have wooden floors you may want to put matting down.


£225 for a whole day / £120 for half a day (9:30am–12pm and 12:30pm to 3pm). There is a maximum of 15 students per workshop.
If two or more workshops are booked, a 10% discount will be applied, as long as all workshops take place in the same term.