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24 February 2014

Playing or singing together with other people (ensemble) is one of the most exciting and enjoyable musical experiences.
We provide a whole range of opportunities for young people of all ages and abilities, covering almost all instruments and voice.
Many of our groups offer students the chance to tour in the UK and abroad .
If you’ve never played or sung in a group before, one of our workshops  would be a great way to get started.
In collaboration with our partners, we offer regular workshops in singing , jazz , strings, wind, brass, guitar, percussion and rock.
If you’re a bit more experienced you could join one of our groups that meet regularly, either monthly  or in the school holidays .
Monthly Groups
  • Essex Youth Jazz Orchestras
  • Essex Youth String Orchestras
  • Essex Youth Brass Ensemble
  • Essex Youth Percussion School
Holiday Groups - For most experienced players
  • Essex Youth Orchestra
  • Essex Youth Chamber Orchestra
  • Essex Young People’s Orchestra
  • Essex Youth Symphonic Wind Orchestra.