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The Essex Crowd

6 July 2017

The Essex Crowd.jpg

We recognise that local people are frequently better placed than the County Council to understand what can make the most difference in their area. 

The Essex Crowd is all about bringing people together behind good ideas that communities want to see happen. It is a movement designed to enable local people to make a difference and to see their small scale, yet hugely important in impact, ideas comes to reality.

With a substantial fund, we want to support as many ideas as possible and can pledge up to £500 per project to do so - together we can crowdfund your ideas to boost our communities.

What is it that would make a difference to your local area and bring people together?

Why not share your idea and let others join in and pledge their support?

Upload your idea today, share widely, and move from idea to reality in double-quick time.
Follow #EssexCrowd on social media for updates on project ideas in your local area.