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  Young Essex Assembly

8 December 2014


Young Essex Assembly


The Young Essex Assembly (YEA) is the elected youth council for Essex and the preparations for the 2014 elections are taking place during October - December 2014.


The YEA is made up of 75 young people from Essex aged between 11 and 19 who have been elected to represent young people in the county and campaign to make a positive difference to their lives. As part of the YEA members will be listened to by the county council, and by other groups working with or for young people.


How the YEA works

The 75 members of the YEA are elected by young people for a period of two years. The last election was held at the end of 2012. The current YEA started in February 2013 and will finish in January 2015.


The elections for the new YEA (from February 2015 to January 2017) are currently taking place.  We have candidates for all the Districts in Essex and we will soon be producing statements showing who is standing for election together with their manifesto statements.
Young people in Essex will be able to vote for the candidate of their choice in ballot stations around the county, including in schools, libraries and youth centres.  We will also arrange for online voting for those who are not able to vote in a ballot station.
“Your vote is your voice.” 



The assembly meets six times a year at what are called 'sittings'. Each member is part of a smaller group which works to make life better for young people in Essex. Some of the issues the YEA has working on are: 

  • Bullying
  • Crime and feeling safe
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Schools, education and exam stress  


Sitting reports


Contact us

If you have any questions about the YEA, or are interested in getting involved, please email or contact us at:
YEA Young Essex Assembly
Community Involvement and Engagement Team
Essex County Council
P.O Box 11
E1, County Hall
Chelmsford CM1 2BR