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Register office fees

Notice fee (each) £35
Marriage/Civil Partnership at Essex Register Office, Chelmsford £46

Important Note: The Council keeps its fees under review and the fee may change between now and the date of your ceremony.  However, you will have to pay the fee that is current at the time the ceremony takes place.  If the fees change then we will let you know how much extra you have to pay.

Approved venue fees

Notice fee (each) £35


Ceremonies in approved premises
Day 2016/17 2017/18
Monday to Thursday £390 £525
Friday £390 £535
Saturday £425 £555
Sunday, Bank or Public Holiday £480 £575


Ceremonies in community wedding venues
(available from 1 April 2016)

Day 2016/17 2017/18
Monday-Thursday £145 £160
Friday £210 £225
Saturday morning £270 £284

Marriage Certificates

Certificates issued on the day of the ceremony are £4 each, payable in advance.

Religious building fees

Registrar attendance at a Registered Building £86.00

Conversion CP to marriage fees

Conversion fee costs £45.00.

Admin fee

Each request for change is charged at £25.

Notice of marriage/ civil partnership

Notice fee (each) £35

Renewal of vows and commitment ceremonies

Approved Venue
Day 1st April 2016-2017 1st April 2017-2018
Weekday £230.00 £240.00
Saturday £265.00 £275.00
Sunday / Bank Holiday £290.00 £300.00

Non-licenced premises

Day 1st April 2016-2017 1st April 2017-2018
Weekday £260.00 £270.00
Saturday £295.00 £305.00
Sunday / Bank Holiday £320.00 £330.00

Application to grant civil ceremony marriage licence

Application to grant Civil Ceremony Marriage Licence
1st April 2016-2017 1st April 2017-2018
New applications £1,800 £1,850
Licence renewal £1,700 £1,750

Certified copy of certificates

Certificates can be ordered online via the Essex Records Office. Certificates are £7 each for the first 28 days after registration and £10 each following that.


We accept card, cheque or cash.