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Coroner Service

8 July 2014

HM senior coroner for Essex

The Essex coroner is an independent judicial officer, appointed to investigate deaths that occur in the Essex jurisdiction. The coroner is supported by a team of officers based at County Hall in Chelmsford.
Coroners investigate deaths that have been reported to them if:
  • The death was violent or natural
  • The death was sudden and unexplained
  • The cause of death is unknown, for example if the deceased had not been seen by his or her GP in the previous 14 days
  • The deceased died while in prison, police custody or another type of state detention such as immigration centre or while detained under the Mental Health Act 1983


The coroner is required by law to undertake an investigation to confirm the cause of death.

It is the responsibility of the coroner to make enquiries which will establish:


  • who the deceased was
  • when and where he or she died
  • how he or she died


The coroner's investigations may require a post-mortem examination to find out the cause of death. In a small amount of cases, it may be necessary to hold an inquest. Whatever the coroner decides, the immediate next of kin will be given an explanation of arrangements and procedures involved.


For further information about the role of HM coroner, the coroner’s officers and the coroner’s service please refer to the following:


Further information


The following publications are available from the Coroner's Office:  
  • What to do after a death in England and Wales (published by the Department for Works and Pensions)
  • Help is at hand – support and guidance after a traumatic death (published by the Department of Health)
  • Information relating to inherited cardiac conditions and sudden adult death syndrome
  • NHS Complaints Information
  • Tissue Donation information
  • Death Following Asbestos Related Disease Guide to Legal Entitlements.


Publications and leaflets are subject to sufficient supplies being provided by organisations concerned.