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You are currently in: Online criminal record (CRB) background checks

Accessing eCRB

19 July 2011

The roll out of the eCRB system has been phased to allow new users to transfer from using paper forms to eCRB. Existing Disclosure Service customers will be contacted when they can access the system. 

If applicants have completed paper forms these can still be submitted using the current process. The Disclosure Service will use a manual function in the eCRB system to process the paper form. If a user access form is completed and returned it will then be possible for the team to log into the eCRB system to see the result of the check. 

Head Teachers, school managers and managers of organisations should complete and return the eCRB user application form to set their teams up as eCRB users

Good practice would be for an organisation to have between two and four eCRB users. 

Key roles to think about when requesting the set up of a user are Primary Support Officers and Support Officers. These roles can manage CRB checks using the eCRB system. The main difference is that Primary Support Officers are able to view the result of the CRB check. 

New users will receive their login details and a link to eCRB via email. To access a live account a new user needs to follow three easy steps:


  • confirm account details and change password
  • complete a ‘quick start’ guide - there is also a checklist to support new users
  • complete an online usage agreement. 

Key points which applicants need to know 

To process CRB checks online, applicants need to provide a personal email address. The following points should also be considered: 


  • if the applicant decides to complete the form at a later stage, their login details and a link to the eCRB system will be sent to their personal email address
  • applicants will need the documents they provided for their face-to-face ID check when they log into eCRB to complete the form
  • applicants will need to remember the answers they provided to security questions because they will be required to confirm these when they login to the eCRB system
  • the applicant can choose to print their application when they have completed their form
  • once an application is submitted to CRB, the person managing the applicant's check can provide an eReference number which can be used to log into the CRB website to track progress. 
More information about eCRB can be found in our FAQs.