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Would you like to buy into travel training?

17 August 2011

If you are not entitled to travel training you might be pleased to know we now offer a package which is charged on an hourly basis and includes:
  • Initial meeting and assessment
  • Assessment report
  • Travelling time to and from locations
  • Attending any reviews/meetings
  • Hours spent with the student whilst training
  • Shadowing
  • Sessions cancelled by the student (within 48hrs).

Terms and Conditions

General administration and assessors/trainers expenses are automatically included in the hourly rate of £20.00. Initial assessment meeting and reports will be charged by the hour even
if the person is unsuitable for training. 
Student expenses not included; fares, any refreshments, minimum of £2.00 emergency money.
Our experienced Travel Trainers who have all undergone enhanced CRB checks will normally train once a week with the student until independence has been achieved on the specific route. 
If at any point the trainer believes that independence cannot be achieved then training will cease. 
The referrer/parent/carer will be kept informed of the student’s progress throughout.  Records of all sessions will be kept and the referrer/organisation will be invoiced at regular intervals, upon completion of training or when training is ceased. Payment must be made within 28 days of receipt of the invoice which forms Part 3 of this contract. 
Failure to pay within this period may lead to additional costs being levied against the outstanding payment and/or the agreement being
cancelled and no further training being delivered.
All information contained within these contract documents will be kept confidential.
This contract is in the form of Terms and Conditions Part 1, 2 and 3.  All three documents will consist of the overall contract. 
All parts must be completed prior to engagement.
Please complete the terms and conditions form and send back to the address included.
If you require more information before submitting this form please contact Jackie Brewer, on 07920 467048 or email