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21 May 2015

From June 1st, there will be some changes to the way One-to-One Tuition is facilitated by Essex Education Services:

Contact: Our Lead Consultant, Marilyn Edwards will be leaving Essex Education Services on May 22nd. Any enquiries after that date should be sent to

Tutor recruitment: Our tutor pool is no longer available. A list of tutor agencies can be found on the “Tutor Recruitment” page. There have also been some recent changes to pension arrangements - please see the “Employing Tutor Guidance” on the “HR guidance” page for the latest information. Any future HR  enquires re: employing tutors should be sent to HR at Essex Education Services Tel 03330139810


If you require support with One-to-One Tuition , please contact
To book places on our training courses:


The termly newsletter has been discontinued. All information about One-to-One Tuition will be on this site.

Home Tuition

We receive a number of queries each year from people looking for home tutors. If you have any queries regarding this, please contact the Home Tuition Service: Tel: 03330134177, The office is open Monday to Friday 9am to 2pm.


FUNDING 2015/16

We are pleased the level of funding available within school budgets to support One-to-One Tuition as a key intervention will remain as in 2014/15. We have been advised the funding will remain in the AWPU allocation schools and academies receive and will be calculated from the number of pupils on roll. All schools were sent a letter in March 2015 detailing the amount of funding for 2015/16. If you are not aware of the amount for your school, please email


We advocate that funding continues to be used for One-to-One tuition in Essex because it continues to be a successful intervention which supports improvement in the attainment and progress of vulnerable children - those working at below age-related expectations, those not on track to make expected progress within the Key Stage, FSM eligible pupils, SEN pupils and Children in Care.


The impact of tuition is also evidenced in increased pupil confidence, engagement and attitudes to learning.


We also strongly recommend the funding continues to be used within the same parameters as when funded in previous years because research has shown this model enables tuition to have greatest impact:

  • One pupil to one tutor
  • 10 sessions of one hour for the pupil
  • Tutor with Qualified Teacher Status or equivalent qualification and DBS (previously CRB) clearance