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You are currently in: One-to-one Tuition in Essex

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21 June 2017

To support the planning of tuition sessions we have provided resources from the Making Good Progress pilot, and the mathematics and English teams. 
We also have a selection of tuition documents available and DSCF publications along with resource documents to accompany Tuition Works.
The resources below are grouped for tutors, Tuition Leads and parents.

For tutors 





Social Emotional Attitudinal Learning

The Social Emotional Attitudinal Learning grids (SEAL) are a useful tool to measure the social and emotional development of children pre and post tuition. Key Aspects of Learning grids are also attached. 



Generic resources


Below is a list of links and documents to support you with the tuition process:

For Tuition Leads 

As part of the impact process schools have been asked to complete pre- and post-tuition attitudinal evaluation questionnaires with parents, pupils and teachers:


An example pro forma has been put together to help Tuition Leads plan the distribution of tuition placers through the academic year.


An example letter has been put together to support schools communicating to parents:


Documents used in the Making Good Progress pilot:


The Quality Assurance of Tuition document may be useful to schools in supporting the quality of tuition. The criteria are based on those included in the original DCSF tuition guidance handbooks.


Below is a link given by the SENCAN team to support schools putting together a provision map:

DCSF publications


For parents 

For tutors


Tuition Beyond the Desk