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You are currently in: One-to-one Tuition in Essex

Sharing practice

2 July 2018

This 2010 TES article provides:

  • information about how to recruit tutors 
  • outlines of different models for delivering tuition
  • examples of what works, such as successful strategies for one-to-one tuition
  • inspiring contributions from teachers, tutors, parents and pupils


Research into linking learning and teaching in the tuition session with learning and teaching in the classroom

Research was carried out into how schools link learning and teaching in tuition sessions with learning and teaching in the classroom, and the impact this has on pupil’s attainment, progress and attitude to learning. The research found that, in schools where these links are made, tuition has significant impact on pupil progress, confidence and motivation.
Key findings can be found in the research report. The background to the research explains how the research was carried out and the case studies give more information about the links made by four schools.


Tuition case studies

Infant schools


Documents developed by schools

Sir Charles Lucas