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  Tutor training

10 October 2014


Beyond the Desk     Danbury Outdoor Centre  23 March 2015 9:15am-12pm
Research shows that movement, activity and a change of environment helps children to remember, recall and develop positive feelings about learning. On this course tutors will experience a range of activities for one-to-one Tuition that will engage pupils in learning using the school grounds or within the school building. After an initial introduction, delegates can explore either English or mathematics in the outdoor environment of Danbury Outdoor Centre.



Grammar subject knowledge for tutors

Marconi Social Club, Chelmsford  13 January 2015 9:30am-12pm
This course will help tutors strengthen their knowledge and understanding of teaching of grammar with reference to the new requirements in the National Curriculum 2014.


To book your place, visit and search for 'tuition' in the keyword box.


If you have any queries about the courses or booking procedure, please email


Tailored tutor training 

We offer tailored tutor training as well as bespoke subject-specific training in English or mathematics at a consultancy cost.


If you, or tutors in a group of schools who you work with, are interested in these training opportunities, please email