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Place Services

13 November 2015

Place Services is a leading provider of integrated environmental assessment, planning, design and management services. With a combination of specialist skills and experience the business is uniquely qualified to help organisations meet the requirements of the planning process, create practical design solutions and deliver environmental stewardship. 


When Place Services entered the business incubator in January 2014 they were already recognised as professional experts in their fields. However, the services were not cost neutral, and their main objective was to deliver their high-quality services in a commercially viable way.


The ambitions of the Place Services team have been realised in under two years, with the elimination of any subsidy reported in the first year and a culture of profitability and sustainable growth embedded.


Place Services works with councils around the country and organisations such as the Royal Parks, Historic England, Forestry Commission, RSPB and English Heritage as well as local authorities and universities.