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Local Services Fund

20 September 2017

The Local Services - Supporting Communities Fund has been set up with the aim of providing local communities with the opportunity to make a real difference in local villages, towns and communities across Essex.
Essex County Council and the Funding Board will be looking for innovative ideas that will enhance and make a real difference to communities, by adding small but significant pieces of work.
The fund will support the creation of formal and traditional services as proposed by formally Parish Councils and other constituted groups, including services such as ‘community volunteers training, a community café or hub, business apprenticeships, handyman schemes’.
The fund aims to free communities to be more locally responsive, to identify and take on the responsibility of overseeing important community tasks.
Communities are invited to put applications in as from 1st October 2017 for the first Funding Board to be held in December 2017.
Fund Element Local Services Fund value £500,000 per year
Grants Available

£10,000 per bid or £15,000 over 3 years

There is an expectation of matched funding

Application Cycle Annually—aligned to financial year
Eligibility Local councils (i.e. parish and town councils) & Formally constituted groups (i.e. residents’ or housing associations)
Definition Funding to support a set of actions undertaken to deliver a product provided to, or on behalf of, those who live or work in the area for which they are responsible.