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Check to see if your school is open: For information on school closures on Monday December 11 due to adverse weather, please go to the weblink below:

Adverse weather updates 10.12.17 - 11.12.17 - For updates on all major roads, including the M11, A12, A120 and A130, please go to the @highwayseast twitter feed.

Adverse weather updates 10.12.17 - 11.12.17 - Please go to the Essex Highways @essexhighways and Essex County Council @essex_cc twitter feeds for the latest updates on the Essex local road network.

Childcare sufficiency map

The childcare sufficiency map is taken from the Early Years and Childcare Summer 2016 sufficiency data and is updated annually. This map provides an overview of the availability and quality of Childcare in the area for those looking to potentially set up a new Early Years and Childcare provision. Please enter a postcode, click on the relevant criteria and then you can click on the map which will provide an overview of the information required.



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