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Family support

2 June 2017

The list below gives the children’s centres in Essex and those that have delivery sites.


The main sites are open full time hours, however the delivery sites have limited opening hours. Please click on the appropriate link for more information about the centre and their services.


North Essex
Children's centre name Site Postcode
Greenstead Main site CO4 3QE
St Anne and Castle Delivery site CO4 3DH
Berechurch Main site CO2 8NN
Birch and Rural Delivery site CO2 0LZ
Shrub End Main site CO2 9BG
New Town Delivery site CO2 7RY
Beehive Main site CO4 5XT
Little Hands Main site CO3 0QG
Discovery Delivery site CO3 9BE
Sydney House Main site CO16 7AG
Hemmington House Delivery site CO15 2EX
Colne Delivery site CO7 OAQ
St James Main site CO15 3TB
Rainbow Main site CO14 8AW
Windmill Main site CO12 5EL
Harwich Town Delivery site CO12 3NS



Mid Essex
Children's centre name Site Postcode
Harlequin Main site CM8 1NA
Roundabout Delivery site CM8 2NJ
Valley Delivery site C06 2RH
Silver End Delivery site CM8 3RQ
Acorn Main site CO9 1JH
Rainbow Delivery site CO9 3QH
Seesaw Main site CM7 5UL
Carousel Main site CM7 3QZ
Chelmsford West Main site CM1 2AQ
Chelmsford Central Delivery site CM1 1LH
Larkrise Main site CM2 9UB
Beeches Close Delivery site CM1 2SB
Galleywood Delivery site CM2 8PU
Perryfields Main site CM1 7PP
Sunflower Delivery site CM1 7AH
Chetwood Main site CM3 5ZX
Bumble Bee Delivery site CM3 4NQ
Maldon Main site CM9 5FW
Dengie Delivery site CM0 8QB
Yellow Brick Road Delivery site CM9 8PN


West Essex
Children's centre name Site Postcode
Epping Forest
Hazelwood Main site EN9 3EL
Abbeywood Delivery site EN9 1EL
Sunrise Main site IG10 3HE
Little Oaks Delivery site IG10 3TD
True Stars Main site IG7 5LP
Brambles Main site CM16 5DN
Little Star Delivery site CM5 0FF
Treehouse Main site CM18 7NG
The Meadows Main site CM19 4DL
Burnt Mill Delivery site CM20 2NR
Potter Street Main site CM17 9EU
ABC Delivery site CM17 0AT
Spangles Main site CM24 8LR
Fairycroft Main site CB10 1ND
Little Goslings Delivery site CM6 1AZ


South Essex
Children's centre name Site Postcode
Northlands Park Main site SS13 1QX
Fryerns Farm Delivery site SS14 2EQ
Start Bright Delivery site SS13 3DU
Kaleidoscope Main site SS16 4NF
Cherrydown Delivery site SS16 5AT
All About Main site SS15 5NX
The Limes Delivery site SS15 6AQ
Sunnyside Main site CM12 0GH
Billericay Delivery site CM12 0GH
Highcliffe Main site SS11 8JE
Triangle Delivery site SS12 0AQ
Larchwood Main site CM15 9NG
Cherry Tree Delivery site CM13 2AZ
Sunshine Delivery site CM15 8NJ
Little Lions Main site SS8 9SU
Little Tewkes Delivery site SS8 8EJ
Canvey Community Delivery site SS8 9HG
Little Handprints Main site SS7 3PT
Little Acorns Delivery site SS7 2SU
Wishing Well Main site SS4 1QF
Sea Shells Delivery site SS3 OEJ
Oak Tree Main site SS6 8UA
Willows Delivery site SS5 6ND
Ladybird Delivery site SS6 9EH