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29 October 2013

Before you make your application you will need to check you live in the administrative area of Essex.  If you do, the next step is to register.


Please note that you will need to register, even if you have made an online application in a previous year. You will be asked:

  • for your contact details
  • to create a password of at least six characters including at least two numbers
  • to give an answer to a secret question for security reasons

For further information, visit the admissions page.


If you need assistance with your online application, please refer to our online user guides.



Before the closing date


If the closing date has not yet passed (31 October 2013 for secondary transfer and 15 January 2014 for starting primary school for the first time) and if you need to amend your online application you can log in by entering your email address and using your password. You can, for example, change the preferences you have selected or change their order. Please resubmit your application after you have made changes.

Changing your email address

Important note: If you have already registered or applied and need to change your email address, first log in to your existing application using your old details. Do not register using a new email address before you go into your child’s record.  If you register the email address first, you will not be able to link it to your child’s record.

After the closing date

If you need to notify us of a change of address after the closing date, please email us.  Please do not change your address online once you have submitted your application without informing us via email or post.
Once the closing date has passed, you can view your online application and amend your personal details, such as changing your email address or mobile number. After you have logged in, you need to select ‘My details’ at the top of the screen and then amend your details as necessary, saving them before you close the page. You can check that this has worked by logging in again and making sure that you can still view your application.  

On or after the offer date

On or after the offer day, 3 March 2014 for secondary schools and 16 April 2014 for primary schools, you can log in using your email address and password to view your child’s school allocation.
All other amendments to applications need to be made in writing to:
School  Admissions
Essex County Council
PO Box 4261
County Hall
For advice please contact us on 0845 603 2200