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Post-16 transport

27 August 2015

Post-16 transport is available at a charge for students between the ages of 16 and 19 provided that the eligibility criteria is met.
Support is not provided to independent (fee-paying) establishments.
The post-16 transport policy is detailed within the full Education Transport Policy and also via the post-16 transport policy statement.

If, having read all of the information below you wish to apply, please complete the post-16 transport application form.
More information can be found within the post-16 transport policy statement.

It's important you have read the application form in full before applying to ensure that you have fully considered all options.


The standard charge for post-16 Transport is £900 per year.
For low income families, the charge is £450 per year.
Low income families are defined as those in receipt of income support or an equivalent benefit, or being in receipt of an annual household income less than £16,190.

Application periods

There are two periods for new transport applications to be assessed. You only need to apply once for the academic year – the assessment will cover the remainder of that academic year as long as the criteria are met and charges paid.

The application periods are:
  • Autumn term = applications received between 1 March and 30 September
  • Spring term = applications received between 1 October and 31 January


Where an application is received after the Autumn term closing date (30 September), transport will be considered for January onwards.

Example case: An application is received on the 4 November. Transport would be considered for a spring term start. A fresh application would not be required for summer term, only payment of the charge.

Student bursary

The government has established 16-19 bursary funds, administered by schools and colleges directly, through which young people can access up to £1,200 for support with expenses.

These are intended for students from low income families and those with disabilities (as well as those from care) and are handled by schools and colleges directly, not Essex County Council.
More information is available via GOV.UK.

Other options

The council advises students and parents to review local transport options prior to applying under its post-16 scheme, and parents may contact operators directly to enquire about making private arrangements.

Further information

You can also access information via the following website.