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Travel Training

3 March 2017


Travel training is designed to help people get more from life by giving them the confidence to travel independently.

Being able to access public transport helps people to make their own choices about how they live and what they want to achieve.
Travel training can help overcome barriers to:
  • Employment
  • Social inclusion
  • Independent journeys to School/College
    How do we help?

Trainers will accompany trainees on their journeys, providing encouragement and guidance until we feel confident that trainees have developed the appropriate skills to travel independently.

Our team of specialist travel trainers are there to develop skills such as:
  • Coping with traffic on major roads, with and without pedestrian crossings
  • Learning the highway code
  • Confidence in using buses and trains
  • How to plan a journey
  • Familiarisation of travel routes and timetables

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  • Identification of landmarks
  • Where to get help
  • Personal safety
  • Money skills. 

Who can we help?

We work with clients who have behavioural difficulties, physical difficulties and additional needs to enable them to use public transport services. We can help prepare participants for travel on any specific journey – perhaps to work, school further education or a training opportunity.  Help is also available on walking routes.
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