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Signs of success

16 December 2013



Being able to travel independently is something that most of us take for granted but for many people with physical or behavioural difficulties taking a bus or a train can seem like a monumental task.


And that's where Essex Travel Training can help. Specialist travel trainers will accompany trainees on their journeys. Providing encouragement and guidance until he or she is able to travel independently.
Many trainees find that the scheme gives them a new lease of life enabling them to travel to school or college, to gain employment or to be able to enjoy leisure facilities.
We have included a few heart warming stories about trainees who have overcome such difficulties and are now traveling independently.


Here is what travel training users have to say

"When it was first suggested to us that George could be helped to travel to college independently, we agreed to give it a go but in all honesty thought that it was very unlikely that George would achieve this. 
"George has an appalling sense of direction and it was the walk from the bus stop to college that we thought would beat him.  However we didn’t bank on the skills and expertise of Mary, George’s travel trainer!
"Mary used photos of various points on the route which George stored in sequence in a credit card wallet which fitted neatly into his pocket, so each time George struggled with which way to go he could refer to his cue cards.
"Over a period of time George needed his cue cards less and less and by the week before college started, George was able to get to college totally independently without needing to refer to his cue cards, although he still kept them in his pocket just in case!
"Being able to travel to college independently has made a huge difference to George, he is much more confident in himself and this Summer when he transferred to a different college campus, he only needed Mary for a few sessions to help him learn the new route when he got off the bus.
" An added bonus has been that George now feels confident enough to get the bus into town on his own to meet with his friends. We would certainly recommend to other families to take the plunge and give Travel Training a go!"