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Mapped flood information

In line with the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, we maintain a record of assets that have a significant impact on the risk of flooding.

An asset is a structure or feature that can affect the flow or storage of water. For example, a wall next to a river could stop water from flooding houses during heavy rain. The wall could be considered an asset. Pipes in the ground, bridges and road gullies are other examples of assets that can affect flood risk.

The asset register contains information about the location, condition and ownership (where available) of each asset. For areas at risk of flooding, see Your Flood Risk. For more about the risk of flooding, visit the Environment Agency.

How to use the asset register

Put your postcode into the Find Address field and press ‘Go'. The map will  load at your location. You can turn layers on and off using the ‘Show Map Categories’ menu. Tick the box of the data you would like to view. Click on each feature to find out more.

Please note: The data on this map is updated every six months.