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What we do

The Flood and Water Management Team help authorities work together to manage and reduce local flooding problems across the County. We are known as a ‘Lead Local Flood Authority'

Essex County Council has a role in overseeing flood risk from:

  • Groundwater - caused when heavy or prolonged rainfall makes the groundwater table rise above its normal level.
  • Surface water (rainfall) runoff - flows from, or over, surfaces such as roads, fields and buildings.
  • Ordinary watercourses (streams and ditches) – small channels which can overflow during or after heavy rain.
It is part of our job to carry out the following tasks:
  • record, investigate and publish reports on significant floods
  • order works to manage flood risk from surface runoff or groundwater
  • request information from any person in connection with flooding
  • give permission for any changes to drainage and watercourses
  • record drainage structures and find those responsible for maintaining them
  • work with organisations such as the Environment Agency, Essex Highways, Local Authorities and Water Companies to develop a local flood risk management strategy.
  • ensure that developments drain in a way that does not increase flood risk elsewhere.
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