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  Essex Biodiversity Project

29 June 2012

Formed in 1999, the Essex Biodiversity Project is a partnership which brings together over 40 organisations in order to coordinate a range of activities. Animal and plant life within Essex is threatened by both climate change and the increasing pressure for building on agricultural land. We bring together organisations and experts to reduce current threats and implement projects that protect, restore and manage species and habitats within the county.

Partners in the project include Essex County Council, Essex Wildlife Trust, Natural England, Borough and District Councils within Essex and a range of other national and local organisations. The project funds two full-time employees who are responsible for coordinating the work of the partner organisations on collaborative projects and offer advice and support to individuals and organisations throughout the county with regards to biodiversity.

The work of the project is informed by the Essex Biodiversity Action Plan, which contains individual action plans for 25 species and 10 habitats within the county, with further plans added as they are drawn up. In order to ensure that the work of the project is carried out in a structured and clear way, the Essex Biodiversity Project Strategic Plan was developed. The current five-year Strategic Plan outlines the work that the Essex Biodiversity Project will carry out between now and 2014.
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