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RWLP documents and supporting evidence

24 February 2016

Replacement Waste Local Plan - Documents and supporting evidence
Essex County Council is currently developing its Replacement Waste Local Plan (previously the Waste Development Document). All of the documents and evidence listed on this page are those produced and used to form the Replacement Waste Local Plan to date. The list includes consultation documents as well as technical evidence and runs in chronological order, starting with the newest documents at the top.
Replacement Waste Local Plan - Revised Preferred Approach June 2015 Documents
Please note:
Non selected site: W25 Fairfield Farm, Fordham Road
The site has been withdrawn from the RWLP process, by the landowner Birch Airfield Composting Services. As a result, you do not need to submit responses regarding this site during this consultation.
Supporting documents:
Replacement Waste Local Plan (RWLP) documents since the Preferred Approach 2011
Waste Development Document (WDD) - Preferred Approach Core Documents
WDD Preferred Approach supporting evidence and reports
WDD Issues and Options Core documents

WDD Issues Options Paper - October 2010

Issues and Options Paper - Errata and Clarifications document

WDD Issues and Options Executive Summary

WDD Issues and Options supporting evidence and reports
Waste documents prior to the Issues and Options 2010