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  Collection and disposal

16 September 2013

The collection of waste is managed by your local district or borough council, who you should contact if you would like to: 
  • find out when your rubbish is collected
  • find out what recycling can and can’t be collected
  • report a missed waste or recycling collection
  • have a bulky or special item collected
  • receive new waste and recycling containers. 

Your local council also deals with street cleaning, fly-tipping and abandoned vehicles and provides local recycling banks. 

Disposal of waste

Essex County Council is responsible for the disposal of your household waste and operates a number of recycling centres across the county, where you can dispose of many items free of charge.
We also provide a household hazardous waste service for asbestos, pesticides and other such items.

For information on the disposal of unusual as well as everyday items, look on the A-Z guide on waste.

If you employ a company to take away rubbish (other than the collection run by your local council), you will need to ensure that the company is registered with the Environment Agency and holds a Waste Carriers licence.
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