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Origin of Waste declaration

14 March 2016

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If you are suspected of bringing non-household waste, or waste that is not from your home, to a recycling centre you may be asked to fill out an Origin of Waste (OWD) declaration form.

If you are stopped twice to fill out an OWD form in any six-month period, a questionnaire will be sent to your home. After receiving and assessing your completed questionnaire, Essex County Council will then decide if it is necessary to take legal action, which could include a fine of up to £50,000. 

Recycling centres in Essex are funded by council tax and as such are provided only for household waste. Unlike council tax, business rates do not cover commercial waste collection and disposal. Businesses are therefore required to dispose of their waste at a facility licensed to receive commercial waste.

Recycling centres cannot accept waste from, or associated with, any commercial operation (such as charities, businesses and sole traders including a business operating from your home) or waste that is not from an Essex resident’s home (with the exception of household waste from a deceased relative's house).

Soil and hardcore are classed as construction waste, not household waste, and are received in small quantities by the centres as a special service to assist residents. Essex County Council limits the amount recycling centres will accept to one car boot-load every 28 days.

Essex County Council is working with the Environment Agency, local district and borough councils, and Essex Police to ensure those who illegally use recycling centres for non-household waste face action by the regulating authority.