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  Adoption and fostering

27 March 2014


Adoption and fostering
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We’re looking for people throughout Essex who can provide loving homes for children with disabilities. We need people with a wide range of experience to provide a variety of care including short breaks, fostering and adoption. Whatever your circumstances, if you can support a child with a disability in your home, we’d like to hear from you.


Short Breaks

Short Breaks is a respite and friendship scheme for children with disabilities up to the age of 18.  Whether they have a learning disability, autism or a physical disability, all children can benefit from the chance to try new activities and become more independent. Find out more.


Fee paid Short Breaks scheme

Our Short Breaks scheme is for children and young people with challenging behaviour and/or disabilities such as autism and complex medical conditions. Carers must be able to provide short breaks for a minimum of five nights a week for 48 weeks of the year. There's a generous fee available which reflects the complex needs of the children and young people. Find out more.


Fostering children with disabilities

Fostering involves caring for a child in your home for a few days or months, or sometimes longer. In the majority of cases the children will return to their families, although in a minority of cases children may need fostering until they grow up. Foster carers share responsibility for the child they look after with the local authority and the child's parents. Find out more.


Adopting children with disabilities

Adoption is a way of providing a permanent family for a child who cannot be brought up by their birth family. It's a way for you to become the legal parents of a child and for the child to become a permanent member of the adoptive family. Find out more.

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