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Short Breaks for Disabled Children
Essex County Council Shortbreaks have been developed to offer children/young people with disabilities and their families support, opportunities and activities.
Short Breaks have been created because it is recognised that there is an impact on everyday life if a child has a disability. This impact is as individual as each child and their family is unique.
Short Breaks are important to families who have a child with a disability. The challenges and complications which accompany a child with disabilities can be very wearing. Day-to-day activities can be much more complicated and tiring.
Short breaks give the family members, parents/carers, and indeed siblings a chance to have a break from their caring responsibilities or enable the whole family to take a break from their everyday routine and do something together.
The family members are then able to continue their care refreshed and with renewed energy. At the same time the child/young person with a disability has the opportunity to try out new activities and make new relationships.
  • Short breaks can be anything from a couple of hours to overnight stays.
  • They offer children/young people with disabilities the opportunity to have fun and take part in enjoyable experiences that contribute to their¬†¬† personal and social development.
  • Enable parents/families to have a break from their caring responsibilities.
  • Help children and young people with disabilities to develop new interests and take part in different activities.
  • Families can catch up with everyday activities as well as having more time with their other children, their friends and hobbies.
  • To offer children/young people and their families support, opportunities and activities so that families are enabled to live ordinary lives.
  • Offer a wide range of opportunities, activities and support so families have choice.

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