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Being healthy
On this page you can find information about being healthy, including:
A woman walking

Would you like to go walking in the local area?

(If yes, the following may assist you. If no, proceed to the next question)
Details and maps of a variety of walks within Essex, all of which can be printed.
Here you can search for organised walks taking place in your area by entering your postcode.
This website lists longer walks within Essex and gives advice on preparing for a walk.
This website lists walks in Essex which start and finish near public transport. Each walk also includes a pub to stop at along the way.
On this site you can find a local walking group in your area.
A man riding a bicycle

Would you like to cycle in the local area?

(If yes, the following may assist you. If no, proceed to the next question)
This website lists guides to scenic cycle rides in Essex that can be printed out.
This page gives details of different cycling schemes in Essex and lists a number of suggested routes.
This site gives good advice on choosing the right bike and recommended cycling routes can be found.
This website allows you to plan a specific cycle journey. It allows you to choose from a fast route, a balanced route and a quiet route. This tool will also tell you how long your journey should take, the distance, as well as allowing you to give feedback on any problems you may have encountered with your route.
A man playing with a football

Are you disabled and want to try out a new sport or find a club to join locally?

(If yes, the following may assist you. If no, proceed to the next question)
This website gives updates on what is going on in the world of disabled sport and how you can get involved in a sport.
This club aims to make fishing available to all.
This is an unincorporated association which provides a dance group for children and young people with Down Syndrome and their siblings in Essex.
They currently have a men's team and a 6-a-side team and are developing a youth and women's team.
They are looking to set up an Essex based team at Riverside Ice and Leisure Centre, providing you with a fun way to meet new people.
Here, those who are disabled can take part in riding, carriage driving and vaulting activities.
This is a swimming club which offers a wide range of water based activities for people with disabilities.
They help those with a disability enjoy a relaxed swim in warm surrounding that live in or around the Southend area.
This is the 'Water Assisted Disabled Exercise And Rehabilitation Scheme' which aims to offer you the opportunity to maintain or improve muscle strength, joint flexibility and general fitness levels.

Would you like advice on staying well in extreme weather conditions?  

(If yes, the following may assist you. If no, proceed to the next question)
Extreme heat is dangerous to everyone, but it can have an especially profound effect on those who are older, those living in care homes and young children. For those in high risk groups it is important to plan ahead. The information on this page tells you what precautions to take.
Cold weather can have a significant impact on those who are over 60, those on a low income and those with a long term condition. There are a few things you can do to help you stay warm and healthy, which are listed on this page.
A smiling man stood next to fresh fruit and vegetables

Are you unsure what you should be eating and drinking at an older age?

(If yes, the following may assist you)
This page contains information from NHS Choices on how to eat properly over the age of 60.
This site gives tips on meal ideas, ways to save money and how to prepare the right portion size.
This website is full of ideas on how to eat well and move more.

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