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On this page you can find information about care and care services, including:
A book with 'plan' written on the cover

Would you like information on self-directed support?

(If yes, the following may assist you. If no, proceed to the next question)
This booklet briefly explains how self directed support works.
A man and woman looking at a plan of a house

Are you unsure what to look for when choosing a care home?

(If yes, the following may assist you. If no, proceed to the next question)
This website has information about available care options and help on identifying relevant care providers.
Choosing a care home (NHS Choices)
This page gives advice on what to look for when deciding on a care home.
This website provides links to local and general information around care. It also allows you to look for care home within your area.
Exterior of a house

Are you looking to have care in your own home?

(If yes, the following may assist you. If no, proceed to the next question)
Information on how to continue living in your own home.
They offer a range of telephone call check services that allow relatives and carers peace of mind when an elderly or vulnerable person is left alone.
This website allows you to search for home care specifically in your area, which is aimed at older people.
A stairlift

Would you benefit from your house being adapted to meet your needs?

(If yes, the following may assist you. If no, proceed to the next question)
This website gives advice about daily living equipment.
This factsheet provides advice on adapting your home and grants that can help.
These pages provide advice on adapting your home and equipment.
These pages gives advice on  adapting entrances and exits, and making bathrooms and kitchens safe for disabled people.
A man and woman sat on chairs talking to each other

Are you a carer and would like support?

(If yes, the following may assist you)
This website provides helpful information and advice on caring for someone close to you. There is advice on arranging care cover, looking after yourself and health benefits for carers.
This is the voice of carers, it highlights the true value of carers' contribution to society.
They are a voluntary organisation dedicated to supporting informal carers of any age regardless of the nature of the disability.
This is a registered charity providing support and information to unpaid Carers in mid Essex.
This is an organisation that provides advice, information and development support services. They have two dedicated carers enquiry lines.
This group offers information, support and advice to carers, (both adults and children). There is a fortnightly youth club for young carers and a weekly club on Tuesdays where support workers will offer carers respite.
Uttlesford Carers (Carers UK)
This organisation is run by carers for carers. Their branches provide an opportunity to meet other carers, who understand what's involved in caring and can share useful information and skills.
At this centre they aim to provide support, advice and information on an individual basis to carers and their families.
This represents the views of carers of adults and children with learning disabilities in Essex and promotes these views to those people who are influential in the policy making process.
This charity has a range of support groups where carers can chat and share information and advice. They also have an online support service where cares can access advice from home and submit questions.

Care services in your area

Find me good care
Information about finding care and support services in England.

Good care guide
Review site of care services. 

Better care guide
Search tool to look for care services.

Find local care services and homes.

Your care home
Search for care and care homes in the UK.

NHS Carers Direct
NHS guide to social care.

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