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Disability Services

On this page you can find information about disability services, including:


Would you like to find a job that supports a disability?

(If yes, the following may assist you. If no, proceed to the next question)
This site provides opportunities from inclusive employers for jobseekers with a disability.
They provide information on training and job brokerage for disabled people.
This is an employment scheme for people with learning disabilities from Mencap.
Linked Employment (Essex Cares)
This is a service which specialises in in placing adults with disabilities into jobs. They consider all employment opportunities where the work is paid at the usual competitive rate.
They are providers of employment services and employment to people with disabilities and complex barriers to work. They are committed to providing sustainable work opportunities for those who need it most..
Can help with finding a job if you are disabled or have special needs to enter employment.
A computer mouse

Would you benefit from a computer that was adapted towards your disability?

(If yes, the following may assist you. If no, proceed to the next question)
This site gives information on adapting and buying a computer for a disability.
This company provide training on how to use assistive technology.
A television on a table

Do you find it difficult to watch / listen to the TV or radio?

(If yes, the following may assist you. If no, proceed to the next question)
They provide high quality, easy to use audio equipment which has been specially designed and adapted for listeners living with sight loss.
A stairlift

Would you like to find out more about disabled equipment?

(If yes, the following may assist you. If no, proceed to the next question)
Daily living equipment (Living made easy)
They give advice on practical equipment that would be suitable to meet your needs.
This website provides a directory of useful disability products and services.
This local version of the website gives advice about daily living equipment.
This website provides information on mobility products and equipment.
They provide free short tern loans of equipment to those who require it.
The provide information on equipment to help visually impaired people.
This page gives information on different types of equipment that you may want to consider.
A Blue Badge parking sign

Would you like information on the Blue Badge scheme?

(If yes, the following may assist you. If no, proceed to the next question)
This page tells you how to apply for a blue badge from Essex County Council.
This page tells you how to apply for a blue badge from Southend-on-sea borough council.
This page tells you how to apply for a blue badge from Thurrock council.
A man next to a car

Would you benefit from an adapted car?

(If yes, the following may assist you. If no, proceed to the next question)
This page gives advice on adapting a car and financial assistance.
They sell and hire out wheelchair accessible vehicles
This scheme enables disabled people to exchange their higher rate mobility component of the disability living allowance to obtain a new car, powered wheelchair or scooter.
National membership charity fighting to improve mobility and access for all disabled people.
A bus pass with a photo of an elderly man

Would you like to find out about disabled transport concessions?


(If yes, the following may assist you. If no, proceed to the next question)
This site tells you to apply for a disabled persons railcard.
This explains who is entitled to a free tax disc and how to claim.
This a page explains who is eligible for free off peak bus travel and how to obtain your bus pass.
This page explains how to apply for a London congestion charge discount for those that hold a blue badge.
A woman giving cash to another woman

Do you need information on disabled benefits?

(If yes, the following may assist you. If no, proceed to the next question)
This page gives details on what The Right to Control Project is and how it will benefit those who are disabled and over the age of 18 living in Essex.
This page gives information on the wide range of disability related financial support available.
This page gives information on the council tax reduction for disabled people and how to apply.
Information on the Disability Living Allowance and how it can be claimed.
A tube of sun block

Would you like to go on an accessible holiday?

(If yes, the following may assist you. If no, proceed to the next question)


This site gives details on hotels that are adapted for those people with a visual impairment.




This website offers canal boat holidays and shorts breaks for those with a disability.


This site allows you to find campsites that are disabled friendly.


Group holidays (Disaway Trust) 
This charity organises group holidays with people that are physically disabled.


Outdoor adventure (Calvert Trust) 
This charity aims to give disabled people access to outdoor adventure activities.


Short breaks and holidays (Break charity) 
This charity provides short breaks and holidays for those who are disabled and their families.


They provide holidays for blind and visually impaired travellers.
A woman using an electric wheelchair

Would you like to find accessible places of interest to visit within the UK?


(If yes, the following may assist you. If no, proceed to the next question)
This site enables you to find accessible buildings and services in Essex.
This charity gives useful holiday information for those who are wheelchair users.
This site lists places that are easily accessible for those who are disabled.
This charity is dedicated to UK accessible tourism and gives information on places to visit with a disability.
A man and woman sat on chairs talking to each other

Would you like advice and support on coping with a disability?

(If yes, the following may assist you. If no, proceed to the next question)
These guides provide support and information for people with:
A Communication passport is a practical, person-centred way of supporting children, young people and adults who may find it difficult to communicate with speech. Each passport contains personal information about a person's needs, such as medical condition and like and dislikes. Here you can see an example of a communication passport and access templates to help you create your own.
This page from NHS choices guides you to lots of advice and practical information for coping with a long term condition.
A County charity which, since 1949, has provided help, advice and support to disabled people, their carers and dependants. It provides a disability information advice line which is manned by disabled volunteers and operates from Monday to Friday.
ECDP (Essex Coalition of Disabled People)
This is an organisation run by and for disabled people in Essex. The organisation's vision is to enhance the everyday lives of disabled people in Essex. They currently provide a wide range of support, information, advice and guidance services to anyone covered under disability law.
This is a website which supports young disabled people in the transition to adulthood.
This page gives advice about living with a disability and pain.
This is an independent formal advocacy service managed by disabled people.
This is a site for swapping practical tips and information on all aspects of supporting people with disabilities.
Support for meals
Get advice and support if you need help with meals

Would you like information about managing a sensory disability? 


Do you require information and advice about a specific condition?  

(If yes, the following may assist you. If no, proceed to the next question)
This is a member organisation providing practical services and support for people with dementia and their carers. Through campaigning and lobbying they strive to influence government policies and raise awareness of the challenges faced by people with dementia and the people who care for them, and through their research programme they work to improve the knowledge they have about dementia.
Here you can find out more information on dementia by meeting others who are in a similar situation. They will be able to offer support and friendly advice based on their experiences.
Essex Dementia Care has two established drop-in day centres in Braintree and Rayleigh, for anyone living with dementia. They run a range of activities, as well as coffee and lunch facilities.
This website contains a range of information and practical advice on dementia. Sections on the site include: Eating well, keeping active and occupied, making decisions, young onset dementia and more.
They are a charity which gives help and support to people affected by brain injury. They have a network of local Groups and Branches throughout the UK which offer a wide range of services, including rehabilitation programmes, carer support, social re-integration, community outreach and respite care.
These pages from Cancer Research UK provide information on cancer types, trials and research that are ongoing, and how to cope with cancer.
This is an online support group for those with Cancer. You can chat to those who have had similar experiences and find links to useful pieces of information.
This charity provides complimentary therapies, counselling, support, clinical drug trials and research.
This is a cancer support charity that helps women manage the visible side effects of cancer treatment. They provide workshops for women to help regain their self-confidence and self-esteem through beauty and skincare sessions.
They are a disability charity for children and adults with cerebral palsy (CP). They can help with Information, support and advice on Cerebral palsy and associated impairments.
They provide support to parents and carers, information and advice, mothers and toddlers club (including conductive education), holistic massage, social events and outings, holiday home to those in Thurrock and surrounding areas.
This charity helps raise the awareness of diabetes, work alongside health professionals, fund vital research and help those with the condition to have a say in their care.
They deliver a range of excellent support services to visually impaired people in Essex providing support, care, advice and social opportunity to blind and partially sighted adults, and support their families and carers. Visit the website to find your local resource centre and services.
A man playing with a football

Would you like to find a disabled sports group in Essex?

(If yes, the following may assist you)
This website gives updates on what is going on in the world of disabled sport and how you can get involved in a sport.
This club aims to make fishing available to all.
This page contains details of clubs in Essex that have a disability section.
This is an unincorporated association which provides a dance group for children and young people with Down Syndrome and their siblings in Essex.
They currently have a men's team and a 6-a-side team and are developing a youth and women's team.
They are looking to set up an Essex based team at Riverside Ice and Leisure Centre, providing you with a fun way to meet new people.
Here, those who are disabled can take part in riding, carriage driving and vaulting activities.
They help those with a disability enjoy a relaxed swim in warm surrounding that live in or around the Southend area.
This is the 'Water Assisted Disabled Exercise And Rehabilitation Scheme' which aims to offer you the opportunity to maintain or improve muscle strength, joint flexibility and general fitness levels.
This combines the beliefs, skills and knowledge of occupational therapy and trampoline coaching to promote physical, sensory, cognitive and social development for those of any age with a disability.
This club run sessions for those with special needs and disabilities in Brentwood. They currently have 5 special needs coaches who are all fully qualified.

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