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Essex Guardians


Essex County Council considers the protection and care of the county’s most vulnerable adults as an absolute priority.

Essex Guardians provides a service to handle what are often complex financial affairs for people when they no longer have the mental capacity, no suitable alternatives exist and the task can no longer be administered on their behalf by friends or relatives.   

All aspects of a client’s financial affairs are administered by the Essex Guardians, a dedicated team of professionals, to ensure the safeguarding of the individual’s finances. The task may include, but is not limited to, the claiming of benefits or the filling in of tax returns and uses the individual’s funds to maximise their quality of life.   

We can help administer many aspects of an individual’s financial affairs including

Any funds are held on behalf of our clients. They do not form part of the assets of Essex Guardians or Essex County Council. All decisions we make in the use of clients’ funds are done so in accordance with the Mental Capacity Act Code of Practice. They are fully auditable by the Court of Protection without any prior appointment.

Please view the Essex Guardians brochure for more information.

Customer survey

Essex Guardians strives to deliver an excellent service centred around customer needs. Our customer survey, carried out in October 2011, showed that our satisfaction rate is over 97%. But not content with that, we’re striving for 100%.

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