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Getting support
Families can approach us directly to ask for support. If it is an emergency please contact us at the numbers below.
Referrals are also taken from members of the public and other professionals.
When a referral is received a social worker will visit your family and complete an assessment with you. This will focus on your family needs and how we can help meet them.
Here you can find information on:
The social worker will need to speak to all family members to get an understanding of how best to help. They will then discuss with your family what support you feel would be useful, what help is available and agree a way forward.


An initial assessment takes approximately seven days to complete. If after this it is agreed more time is needed to understand your family's difficulties, then a core assessment will be completed with you. This can take up to 35 days to complete.

The role of the social worker

The social worker will include all family members in the assessment and may need to speak to each person individually. The social worker will also ask your permission to talk to other people who work with you and your family, such as a teacher, GP or health visitor. Including these people in the assessment helps build a picture of your family's needs and enables these professionals to understand the difficulties you are having and offer support where possible.

Next steps

If your family needs further services these will be identified. A support plan will be created and agreed by you, the social worker and other professionals involved. To ensure that this support is provided, and that it improves your family situation, the plan will be reviewed on a regular basis.
Wherever possible we aim to provide support to children and families within their homes. If you are an adult or a carer and there is a risk of harm to your child then our page on protecting vulnerable children provides child protection guidelines.
In some cases it might be necessary for children to be placed in foster care in order to protect them. This information can be found on our page about looked after children.
If your child has a disability, we will pass the initial assessment on to our Children with Disabilities service.
If you think that you need an assessment, or if you are concerned about a child's welfare and wish to make a referral to the assessment team, please contact us on:
Tel: 0345 603 7627


Where there are immediate concerns about the safety or welfare of a child or young person:
Tel: 0345 603 7634

Emergency contact details

Where a situation is urgent and cannot wait until the next working day:
Monday to Thursday 5.30pm – 9.00am
Friday and Bank Holidays 4.30pm – 9:00am
Tel: 0345 606 1212