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Financial assessment

If you're over 18, you must have a financial assessment before a Direct Payment can be paid. Essex County Council uses a government charging policy to work out the amount (if any) that you would need to contribute towards the support you receive. This is dependent on your income and savings.

If you have a query about the amount of your contribution, or if your financial situation has changed, please contact the financial assessment team.

If you’ve been assessed to pay a client contribution towards your care this figure will be deducted from your agreed cash weekly amount. You will then have to top up funds toward your care services using your contribution.

It is your responsibility to top up the account with your client contribution; unpaid funds could run the account into deficit affecting your care package.

For example, Mrs Smith has been awarded a Direct Payment of £100 per week. It has been assessed that she has a client contribution of £10 per week. Mrs Smith will pay £10 per week into her dedicated account and Essex County Council will contribute the additional £90 to reach the £100 she needs to pay for her care.

If your payments are currently managed by Purple you will need to set up a standing order to pay them your weekly assessed charge.