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Deferred payments

You may be offered the option to defer some of your charges if you own a property that’s been taken into consideration within your financial assessment and you have capital below £23,250. This must be discussed with the Income Property Team.

Deferred payment scheme

Under the deferred payment scheme the difference between your contribution and cost of your care will accrue as a debt against the value of your property.

You may also choose to keep a portion of your income which will help with the maintenance of your property. However, this would mean you increase the amount you defer against your property and the amount you owe to Essex County Council.

Please note that interest, administration and legal charges will apply.

Apply for a deferred payment

You will be provided with a deferred payment application form, to be completed and returned to the Income Property Team.

Once your application has been reviewed and you have been assessed as eligible under the scheme the Income Property Team will contact you