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The financial assessment process
We recommend you visit, which provides information about the costs of care, and health support in Essex.
If you have care needs that require specialist services, you may qualify for some financial support from us to help towards the cost of those services. You'll need to have a meeting with a social worker who will assess your needs and decide if you’re eligible for care services.
If eligible, the care services that you may require are chargeable. A financial assessment form needs to be completed to work out how much you can afford to contribute towards them, this contribution will be referred to as your ‘assessed charge’. It is a weekly amount.
Your social worker will explain Essex County Council’s charging policy and will offer you a choice of either completing the financial assessment form yourself (see 'Completing the Financial Assessment Form') or having help from a Financial Assessment and Benefits Advisor (often referred to as a FABA) who can visit you or your designated representative at home (Essex only).
In most cases, you’ll be told by the visiting officer what your provisional assessed charge will be during the meeting. However you choose to complete the financial assessment, your assessed charge will be confirmed in writing shortly after the processing of the form or the visit.
Once everything is agreed and services are in place, you or your designated representative will be sent regular invoices for the cost of your care services.

Please note: If a Financial Assessment has not been completed to determine how much you must contribute towards your care by the time you start receiving services, you will be invoiced for the cost of those services (see charges). Once your assessed charge is known your invoice will be adjusted.
If you have arranged a Direct Payment cash payment with the help of your social care worker, you will not be sent an invoice by Essex County Council. Your Assessed Charge will be deducted from your cash payment so your payment is made net.  You are expected to pay your weekly Assessed Charge towards any services agreed within the Direct Payment.   

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