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  Using Seax

5 August 2011

Seax is the online computerised catalogue of the Essex Record Office (ERO). It contains written descriptions of every item in the archive, but does not contain the full text of the documents themselves. Some entries have a digital image of the document, picture or map, but not all.
Seax can be accessed online, or through computers in the ERO searchroom.

Seax functions

Seax allows the public to search for records relevant to their research from any location worldwide. Seax contains the complete text of all the ERO catalogues. Using Seax, it is possible to identify records that may be of interest prior to visiting the ERO, or narrow down the documents you wish to have checked as part of a remote search.
Although Seax contains descriptions of documents, it does not contain the text of the documents themselves. For example, it will tell you that there is a 1665 Hearth Tax assessment in the county, or a parish register for Fyfield dated 1754 – 1812, but it will not show you the content of these documents. Therefore, if you are looking for an ancestor, you will still need to search the original document for entries relating to the name you are researching.
Seax has been designed to incorporate digital images. Documents are continually being scanned digitally and added to the system so that they can be viewed online. It is possible to manipulate scanned images to improve legibility and appearance.

Using Seax

Seax is designed to be user-friendly. You can search for a combination of words or a phrase, such as a place or institution, a personal name or a document type. Searches can be refined further by adding dates, for example, maps of Maldon between 1650 and 1700. You can read complete catalogues or go to a specific reference, if you know which collections of documents are of interest to you. To see which parish registers we hold, click on the link halfway down the main page of Seax.
If you are using Seax in the ERO Searchroom, you can order the original documents to view in the Searchroom by pressing the Order button and entering your CARN ticket number. Please note that the Order button does not allow you to order a copy of the document online.
If you require assistance, there are help screens on every page of Seax, which explain clearly how to use each element of the database. For people using Seax at the ERO, staff will be able to provide additional assistance if required.
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