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Essex roads better than this time last year

15 April 2016

Statistics just published show that Essex roads have 12 per cent fewer potholes than the same time last year, despite an increase in the last three months caused by winter conditions.
The total number of potholes and other defects at the end of the 2015/16 financial year on Essex roads stood at 5,024, down from 5,694 last year.
The latest statistics for the three months to March 31, which includes most of the winter, show that the numbers of defects increased on Priority 1 routes from 76 to 173, on Priority 2 roads from 126 to 318 and on local roads from 4,028 to 4,533.
Priority 1 routes are the county’s strategic main roads, such as the A414, A127 and A133, carrying the main flows of goods and people and connecting the main centres. Priority 2 routes are other main roads connecting Priority 1 roads with local roads and include the B184, B1026 and B181.
On the county’s Priority 1 routes, the number of potholes reduced by 23%, from 224 to 173 in the last year. However, potholes on Priority 2 routes increased by 23%, from 258 to 318, while local road defects were cut by 13% from 5,212 to 4,533.
An Essex County Council spokesperson said: “Winter always leads to an increase in potholes and other defects, but it’s encouraging to see that the situation is better than this time last year. Outstanding defects and overall road condition data (following scanner surveys carried out annually) help to determine objectively which roads should feature in the enlarged capital works programme for the coming year.”
With better weather on the way, Highways teams will accelerate pothole repairs and longer-term works to ensure the Essex road network continues to be improved.