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Film shows how Essex County Council is improving the county’s roads

4 February 2016

Essex County Council has produced a short film aimed at helping people better understand how highways and transportation in the county is managed.
The Council manages 5,000 miles of roads which connect towns, villages, workplaces, hospitals, ports and airports. It is also responsible for cycleways, non-commercial bus services and 127,000 streetlights.
Highways and transportation plays a vital part in supporting the county’s growing economy, ensuring freight can be transported across Essex and that people can get to their jobs, schools or universities swiftly, smoothly and safely.
The new animation, available on explains the thinking behind decisions such as new road schemes, highways maintenance and supporting public transport.
Cllr Eddie Johnson Essex County Council Cabinet Member for Highways Delivery, said: “Highways affect everyone every day, so it is not surprising that residents tell us that they are such a high priority, and indeed keeping the network moving is vital for our ongoing economic growth.
“But clearly we cannot fix everything. We are always being asked to fill in potholes, build new roads and paths, install new crossings or fix streetlights, and simply do not have the resource to do all of this in one year.
“However by careful planning, working with partners, and taking a county-wide approach to all of our responsibilities, we are able to get the most out of our budget. This way we have been able to improve the county’s roads, building new roads such as the Northern Approach road in Colchester, and make a significant impact on the number of defects on the main roads that we manage.
“I hope that people will have a better understanding of how we are managing highways and transportation in Essex after watching this film.”