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More Essex residents to remain independent in their own homes

29 February 2016

Thousands of the county’s residents will be helped to remain in their own homes with up to six weeks free help to regain their skills and confidence.
Essex County Council has recently signed five new reablement contracts to encourage independent living.
The five-year contracts pave the way for a new county-wide ‘Reablement at Home’ service, due to launch in the coming months.
Reablement at Home will help people regain skills and confidence following an illness, accident or disability. 
Delivered typically by occupational therapists, physiotherapists and home care support workers, residents will be given the support needed to tackle everyday tasks such as preparing meals, managing medications, personal care, shopping and laundry.
This new and improved service will be jointly commissioned by the Council’s NHS colleagues in each of the county’s Clinical Commissioning Groups. This means the county will be using combined health and social care resources in the best possible way to help meet the growing needs of the aging and growing population over the next five years.
Cllr Dick Madden, Cabinet Member for Adults and Children, said: “These contracts mean that we can give more individuals than ever before across Essex the opportunity to remain independent in their own home.”
“In 2014/15, over 70 per cent of people who received reablement services needed no further ongoing support – helping them to remain independent and out of long term care. This is a great result but we want to see more of this – more people staying independent.
“By working with our NHS colleagues, the savings across both health and social care will be significant: reducing hospital admissions and reducing or removing the need for long term care packages.”