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Roscommon Way Extension Officially Open

6 December 2011

Essex County Council Chairman, Councillor Rodney Bass cut the ribbon earlier today to declare the extension officially open.

The scheme has been funded by the Community Infrastructure Fund and Essex County Council. The county council has worked in partnership with Castle Point Borough Council and other key organisations in South Essex to pursue opportunities to regenerate the borough, and Canvey Island in particular.

The Roscommon Way Extension is a new highway which will provide direct access to the Charfleets Industrial Estate, supporting regeneration and growth in the area. The scheme will also relieve congestion on Canvey Road and Long Road because commercial and industrial traffic will be diverted away from residential areas.

The scheme will enable further development to take place and will assist in providing up to 1,650 additional jobs (Charfleets Estate intensification - 480 jobs, Charfleets Estate Extension - 500 jobs and Northwick Road 550 – 670 jobs).

The county council has taken great care to ensure the scheme did not devalue the ecological importance of the site, because a section of Roscommon Way passes through one of England’s most important invertebrate sites – the Canvey Wick Site of Specific Scientific Interest. This is home to a number of protected species including the Great Crested Newt.

County Councillor Tracey Chapman, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation, said: “I am very pleased that this scheme has been completed. The extension is vital to the regeneration of Canvey Island, and an integral part of the general improvement strategy for the Thames Gateway region. I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in this scheme as well as local residents for their patience while this work has been taking place.”

Councillor Pam Challis, Leader of Castle Point Borough Council, said: “In conjunction with  improvements currently being implemented at Sadlers Farm, this new road will significantly improve access and  make the area more attractive to existing businesses and potential new investors to Canvey. It will act as a catalyst for regeneration and growth at Charfleets Industrial Estate and areas to the south of Morrisons with the potential to create in the region of 1,700 new jobs.”

County Councillor Ray Howard, Member for Canvey Island West, said: “This improvement will take away the heavy commercial vehicles from residential areas of Canvey Road and Canvey Village, and will considerably lessen congestion on these roads. The improvement also provides better access to Charfleets Industrial Estate to create the extra jobs that Canvey desperately needs.”