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Runwell to benefit from flood relief scheme

3 February 2016

Runwell residents are set to benefit from Essex County Council's flood relief scheme.
Essex County Council has started work to alleviate a flooding issue on the recreational ground by Church End Lane, Runwell.
The £430k scheme, funded by Essex County Council, will solve a capacity issue with the existing drainage system by creating a bypass channel that will carry excess flow in periods of excessive rainfall.
Cllr Roger Hirst, Essex County Council Cabinet Member for Transport, Planning and Environment, said: “This scheme is one of eight sites that have been identified by Essex County Council under our flood alleviation programme. This particular scheme will alleviate flooding in the Runwell area which occurs as a result of capacity issues within an ordinary watercourse. I am delighted that the scheme is underway and that our solution to the problem will protect homeowners from this persistent flooding.”
Phase one of the scheme, which started in January and will be completed by mid-March, will include the maintenance to the existing open watercourse, as well as increasing the size of an existing culvert to improve flow.
Phase two, which will start in February, will involve the installation of the new bypass channel that consists of a series of new 1.2 metre concrete pipes laid and connected with manholes.
To find out more about how to report flooding issues in Essex or to find out more about the threat of flooding please visit