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  Essex Energy Switch

15 August 2014


Registration for the first Essex Energy Switch has now closed.
1202 residents switched energy providers with the Essex Energy Switch, with average savings per household of £209 – that’s a countywide saving of over £250,000.
We are planning to launch a second Essex Energy Switch starting on December 2nd 2014 so keep visiting this page for updates.  In the meantime, if you wish to register for saving prior to this date, the big community switch is now open  for an auction which will be taking place on 14th October 2014.


The Essex Energy Switch works by bringing together residents who want to switch providers and pay less for their gas and electricity bills.
The scheme is run by Essex County Council, in partnership with district, borough and city councils, and delivered by iChoosr, an independent provider which specialises in collective energy switching.
Essex residents were able to sign up for the Energy Switch during January and February 2014. A one-day ‘auction’ then took place, with energy companies coming forward to offer their best possible tariffs.
Everyone who registers receives a personalised offer which details how much they can save by switching to the winning provider. There is absolutely no obligation to switch.
Please note: If you are a Colchester resident the Energy Switch is already under way and you can find out more on the borough council's Big Community Switch page.