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Pay It

1 September 2017

You can make payments for the following:

Payment information

There are no additional charges for paying by credit or debit card via this site.
Website security
This is a secure website and it will not be possible for any unauthorised person to access details of your payment.


Card Security Code
The Card Security Code (or CSC) is a unique three or four-digit number printed on the back of your debit or credit card. This is sometimes known as the 'Card Verification Code', the 'Personal Security Code' or the 'Card Verification Value'.


Accepted cards
We can accept payment from any of the following payment cards.

  • Credit cards - Visa and MasterCard.
  • Debit cards - Maestro, Solo, Visa and Delta.


Payment receipts
A receipt will be displayed and can be printed after payment has been accepted. If you enter an email address within your details, then an email confirmation of your payment will be sent to this address.


Refused cards
If your card is refused, this means your building society or bank has refused the payment. You are advised to contact them directly to resolve the problem.