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  • Find your local centre Adult Community Learning Basildon was proud to receive the Basildon Business Award for 'Outstanding Providing high-quality care and education for children aged between three months and five years. Run
  • Library locations and opening hours Find out the location of libraries in Essex as well as opening times. For locations and opening times of your nearest library, visit Find Thaxted library Education and Schools Children and young adults
  • Published_Data_2012_13_Jul_Sep.xls MPQ64UAV5NNT-232-83 System Account Sep 2012 Aug 2012 Jul 2012 Date Name Value Directorate Source Environment, Sustainability and Highways Transformation Adults, Health & Community Wellbeing Schools, Children and B
  • Published_Data_2013_14_Apr_Jun.xls Adults, Health & Community Wellbeing AO YUAN XU YIN JIU DIAN
  • Published_data_2014_15_Jul_Sep MPQ64UAV5NNT-232-90 System Account September 2014 August 2014 July 2014 Date Name Value Directorate Source FAMILY OPERATIONS ADULT OPERATIONS CUSTOMER OPERATIONS CORPORATE SERVICES Mileage & Expenses PLACE PEOPLE B F1
  • County_Property_Interests Katherine Semar Junior & Infants School-Access Way Katherine Semar Junior And Infant Schools Saffron Walden High School Education Facility Thaxted Primary School Rest Centre Facility Thaxted Guildhall
  • Published_Data_2013_14_Jan_Mar MPQ64UAV5NNT-232-76 System Account March 2014 February 2014 January 2014 Date Name Value Directorate Source Mileage & Expenses DCE ECON GROWTH & INFRA COMM FAMILY OPERATIONS ADULT OPERATIONS B & Q M A EDUCATION LTD
  • Published_Data_2012-13_Oct_Dec.xls Adults, Health & Community Wellbeing Www.My-Tool-Shed.Co.Uk Crossbow Education
  • Published_Data_2012_13_Jan Mar.xls Adults, Health & Community Wellbeing B V R & L ASC LTD Mar.xls
  • Published_Data_2013_14_3_Oct_Dec Adults, Health & Community Wellbeing WWW.CILEX LAW SC.AC.UK