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  • Childrens Social Care: complaints, comments and compliments We are only required to resolve complaints if the problem occurred within the last 12 months. If your complaint falls outside this period, please contact the Customer Once you have read our procedure
  • Adult Social Care: complaints, comments and compliments important that Essex County Council receives your complaints about Adult Social Care. The people of require an advocate to help you with your complaint or act on your behalf visit our advocacy page.
  • Contact us Urgent and 24-hour contact information Protection for Children and Adults - 0845 606 1212 If you feel that someone is in danger, or being You can also make a complaint, comment or compliment.
  • Privacy statement Please follow the links to the individual services you are receiving where a service specific privacy notice will provide help investigate any worries or complaints you have about your services;
  • Essex County Council The site map page for the Essex County Council website. Guide to running a successful workshop Unlocking Essex’s Past and the Essex Historic Environment Record (EHER) Converting a civil partnership to a
  • Consultations and feedback Information on consultations, petitions, compliments, complaints and feedback. Essex County Council engages in a number of activities designed to enable the people Complaints, comments and compliments
  • Your right to know Freedom of information, data protection and environmental Making a complaint  Council, you are entitled to make a complaint by following the council's complaints procedure. If you are still unhappy
  • Fostering Service Statement of Purpose April 2014 Section 1 – Mission Statement, Aims and Objectives Section 4 – Number of Foster Carers, Section 5 – Staffing and Management Structure of It is vital that as a Local Authority, Essex County Council
  • Privacy Notices general privacy notice Essex County Council The Privacy Notice below explains how the Council uses information about you and the help investigate any worries or complaints you have about your services;
  • sitemap.xml statement /Pages/Privacy-statement.aspx 2015-03-05 Page Complaints, comments and compliments /Pages/Complaints-comments-compliments.aspx 2014-12-10 Page Disclaimer, terms and
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