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  • Development Management Planning applications Visit our online system to submit, view and comment on planning applications. Find ways to get involved with the planning application process and the preparation of the Minerals and Waste Local Plans. planning/planning/minerals-waste-planning-team/planning-applications
  • Planning applications at district, borough and city councils to the creation and submission of a planning application or the application process in general, contact your local district Minerals and Waste Planning Team View our photos on Flickr Planning/Planning/Pages/Planning-applications-at-district-and-borough-councils.aspx
  • Determining planning applications The planning application is clearly not in line with planning policy and is to be rejected. the 4th Friday of each month to consider planning applications which have not been determined under delegated planning/planning/minerals-waste-planning-team/planning-applications/Determining-planning-applications
  • Pre-application Planning Advice that will be made on a formal application at the pre-application stage. The final decision on planning applications is made by County Council Members via the Planning Committee Planning/Planning/Minerals-Waste-Planning-Team/Planning-Applications/Pages/Pre-Application-Advice-.aspx
  • Environment and Planning Services relating to local issues such as village greens View our YouTube channel View our photos on Flickr Strategic planning, planning policy and planning applications for mineral and waste sites. Planning
  • How to make a planning application Development Management Planning applications of submission is to make an application directly online, using the Government’s Planning Portal. However, applications can also be made by post. planning/planning/minerals-waste-planning-team/planning-applications/How-to-make-a-planning-application
  • Planning Information about planning issues, planning applications and planning policy at Essex County Council. Planning applications at district, borough and city councils View our photos on Flickr Planning/Planning
  • EIA application public notices ​New sand and gravel quarry at Development Management Planning applications Pre-application Planning Advice How to make a planning application Determining planning applications View our photos on Flickr Planning/Planning/Minerals-Waste-Planning-Team/Planning-Applications/Pages/EIA-application-public-notices.aspx
  • Framework for Pre-application Advice Charges Pre-application advice provides following more detailed assessment. The final decision on any planning application will be taken by the planning authority, not by the County Council as consultee. Planning/Development-in-Essex/Documents/Preapp-charging-framework.docx
  • Pre – Application Planning Advice On receipt of a fully completed application form, fee, plans and supporting information we will acknowledge receipt, allocate a planning case officer and check the information submitted Planning/Planning/Minerals-Waste-Planning-Team/Planning-Applications/Documents/Pre application charging schedule and guidance Oct17.docx