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Dave Hill

9 November 2016

Executive Director for People Commissioning
Telephone: 03330 134556

Directorate: People Commissioning
Salary: £175,000 per annum
Job Description: Executive Director for People Commissioning


Dave Hill joined Essex County Council on 1 November 2010 as Executive Director for Schools, Children and Families having worked in the same role in Merton and Croydon. Since early 2013 Dave has taken on the new role of Executive Director for People Commissioning, including holding the statutory roles of Director of Children’s Services (DCS) and Director of Adult Social Services (DASS). 


The term commissioning is sometimes confused with contracting, purchasing or procurement. Commissioning, to Essex County Council, means the process of agreeing,  acquiring and monitoring services to meet people's needs at a strategic level. 


Commissioning is an ongoing process as it is impacted by different factors such as what services people require, the capacity of the service provider/workforce, the money available to fund services, and changes in the population. 


Essex County Council is responsible for meeting needs at a strategic level which is why we are a commissioning-led organisation; it's important that we commission services that meet the needs of the service user. Dave is passionate about improving outcomes for People and will accept nothing less than excellence for the residents of Essex. 


Dave has worked in local authorities since 1977, having originally trained as a social worker; later he undertook a Masters Degree in Public Service Management and trained to advanced level as a consultant to individuals, organisations and institutions at the Tavistock Institute.


Dave was a longstanding member of the Social Work Reform Board and is a board member of the National College for Social Work, as well as being a Trustee for the Who Cares Trust.


As the DCS and DASS Dave is responsible for net budgets totalling £544million (this money is spread across three functional areas) and over 3,500 staff.  Dave has the following accountabilities:

  • Managing the Director of Public Health and ensuring that statutory obligations in this area are met.
  • Through understanding the needs of Essex residents Dave ensures the best allocation and use of resources (financial and non-financial) for residents.
  • Dave pitches for budget from Cabinet to deliver projects and programmes; this includes thinking about which providers we should do business with and how much money is required to deliver the project/programme objectives. You can find examples of these types of decisions under the Your Council part of this website.
  • Dave and his management team use benchmarking and ‘best in class’ thinking to support commissioning decisions.
  • Accountable to the Chief Executive and Members of the Council for the achievement of people related outcomes, including evaluation of providers to select the best partner for each piece of work we undertake.
  • Accountable for safeguarding for both vulnerable adults and children.
  • Provide a strong oversight of two other departments; the Adult and Family Operational functions as well as external service providers in terms of critical safeguarding issues. Dave has the authority to step in and either put on hold, review or overturn key decisions made that produce a critical threat to safeguarding.
  • Dave has to build and maintain strong partnerships with school governors, headteachers, Academy Federations and other partners and groups within the community, regionally and nationally, to promote and achieve targets for school improvement and pupil achievement.
  • Dave leads the work that the Council does to join together (integrate) Health and Social Care services.
  • Work effectively with partners across the public, private and voluntary sectors to allow us to commission services together. Essex County Council already works closely with the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG's) in the County and has begun to commission some services with them.
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